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We have celebrated more than a decade of success in the heart of Melbourne CBD. We are the first Korean specialty hair salon in Melbourne CBD, with the opening of our first salon in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown at 107 Little Bourke Street. Six months later, our second salon opened near Hardware Lane at 306 Little Lonsdale Street. We take pride in creating fantastic hair all these years. That’s why our extremely satisfied clients keep on coming back


We are passionate about our craft. We have honed our skills through many years of hard work and training to be the best we can be. Our team is brimming with creativity and has excellent skills to boot, gained through many years of experience, overseas in Korea, and here in Australia.


Benefit from our years of experience. We won’t sell or promote anything we won’t use ourselves. We stand by our products and services. So when you book an appointment with us you will get a hassle-free and relaxing experience without all the hoo-hah.


We like the fact that we have been able to provide quality services at very reasonable prices. You will find no pretentious stuffiness and overpriced hairdressing at our salons. We are known for our excellent customer service and the friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere at our modern and fresh salons.

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Unfortunately, the prolonged lockdown during this Covid-19 period has made it extremely difficult for us to continue operating two salons and sadly, we have to make the difficult decision to close our Exhibition Street salon.

We want to thank all our clients for your support and care throughout this period. It was lovely getting to know you and a big thank you for your friendship and support for the 16 years we have operated at the Paris End of Melbourne CBD.

Our other salon, Shine on Little Lonsdale, at 306 Little Lonsdale Street will continue to operate 7 days a week 10 AM to 7 PM.

We hope that we can continue to enjoy your patronage and support at Shine on Little Lonsdale.

Thank you 감사합니다

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Shine on Lt LONSDALE
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